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Building Lasting Social Structures of Support for Lansing's Youth. 
Educational Equity    |   Financial Literacy    |   College & Career Readiness 

Equiduct is a 501c3 nonprofit organization working to connect the vast body of dedicated college volunteers to address inequality in educational communities by offering free tutoring, financial literacy courses and mentorship programs. By working together with  local school districts and universities, our mission is to build the infrastructure that allows hundreds of college students to make a difference in their community.

We are excited to announce the construction of our new website! Thank you for your patience and support.

Our Projects 


Equiduct Tutors and Mentors

Our mission is to empower those who have a disadvantaged access to quality education, including college and career preparation.  Our tutors aim to close the gap between the large number of available scholarships and college admittance. We are here to help students who want extra help academically, providing dedicated college tutors to help them succeed each semester and into college.  Volunteer members gain valuable service hours and experiences while giving back to their community, helping the next generation of college students. 

We currently provide after-school tutoring to students at the Lansing Student Development Program and to students at the Eastside Community Action Center After School Action Program.  Our tutoring programs are oriented around a strong focus of learning study skills, time management, and building self-confidence.  


Equiduct JA Instructors

Our volunteers share their time and education to encourage, inspire, and prepare young people to succeed in the modern economy. Our mission is to help young students set goals and provide them with the foundation and self-belief to achieve them. Financial literacy and early financial education provide young people with the freedom to pursue any career path they desire with the skills to plan for a stable financial future. We teach Junior Achievement financial literacy courses at local schools with a curriculum centered around financial literacy, career readiness, and entrepreneurship. Our volunteer instructions are JA-trained.

Sai Ramesh, JA Instructor

“It gave me a lot of perspective, in terms of the fact that those kids are just as bright as anyone that I’ve encountered. In my experience, it’s not a question of capacity; It’s more a question of resources and opportunity.”

Jonas Padilla, Tutor and co-founder

"Both mentors and mentees can learn from the unique perspectives and experiences shared at each mentorship event and apply those lessons to every aspect of our daily lives as well as our long-term goals and aspirations."

Katie Higgins, Tutor

"I’ve always thought it’s been hard to volunteer alone. It’s easier to drag a parent, friend or someone to tag

along with me. That's why I love Equiduct, because it's one big volunteering family."

EQ News!

For more information and in-depth conversations with our volunteers; please check out our newsletters. 


Our Partners and Collaborators 

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